Writing Center Virtual Tutoring

Writing Center Virtual Tutoring

The Writing Center will continue services online during this COVID-19 event. We realize that tutoring is an important resource for many of our students, and we will continue to offer individual tutoring for the duration of the semester, however, we will do so remotely. Out of an abundance of caution, we will not hold face-to-face tutoring hours until further notice.

Step 1: A student can either choose to schedule an appointment below and continue with a Live Tutor via Microsoft Teams or submit their essay to their respective campus:

Eagle Pass:
Del Rio:

Step 2: Fill out the Online Tutoring Request Form in which you articulate your concerns about a particular written assignment. Please save to your computer, fill it out, then save your additions to the form. 

Step 3: Attach the online tutoring request form to your draft and submit to the respective campus email (as listed above).

Students should submit their essay at least three (3) working days prior to the assigned due date. For more information on online tutoring expectations please click see the information below on paper submission and review.

Learn how to book an appointment for SWTJC's Virtual Tutoring sessions:


Paper Submission and Review Summary

Tutors will review and return papers via the same interface. They will provide feedback by writing comments within the paper and by providing a review summary. Their response will be expressed in contextual mark-up that is over-imposed on the original text. In the review summary, they will encourage students in their writing efforts by recognizing the strengths of the piece, and by making helpful suggestions that focus on the individual needs of each student.

Tutors will not “fix” any grammar issue for a student; rather, they will provide a brief explanation so that writers may fix them on their own.

In no case will the tutor rewrite a paper, paragraph, or sentence, although an alternative form of expression may be suggested as an example of improvement the student may be able to make.
When faced with a writer who has many weaknesses, tutors typically comment on only the first instance of a repeat issue and will let the writer know that they've focused on one or two major things. They tell the writer that their feedback isn't attempting to fix or mark up everything in the paper. To the degree possible, improvements made by students in a resubmitted paper will be recognized and reviewed with additional feedback.

Alongside your submission, you will receive an online tutoring feedback form that will provide you with tutor comments. This form is downloadable and can be used as proof of your online tutoring session.  


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