WebAdvisor Self-service

Use Self-service Support for User ID Lookup and Password Reset

Password Reset

For security reasons, your password must be sent to an e-mail address that is already on file. If you don't have an e-mail address on file, you won't be able to use this form.

Contact the Registrar's Office at (830) 591-7255 or to add an alternate email. Also, note that this form only allows you to learn a password if you have already been given access to WebAdvisor.

Use the User ID Lookup to acquire your ID for accessing WebAdvisor

Your initial password consists of the first initial of your first name in upper case, the first initial of your last name in lower case, a hyphen, and your six digit date of birth.

Example: John Doe Date of Birth January 1, 1979
Example Password: Jd-010179