Become a Nationally Certified Personal Trainer at Southwest Texas Junior College

If you have a passion for wellness and helping others reach their fitness goals, now is the ideal time to pursue a career as a Personal Fitness Trainer. As a personal trainer, you’re responsible for living a healthy lifestyle and encouraging the health of others. Make a career out of what you love: working out and staying fit!

Southwest Texas Junior College together with its partner, World Instructor Training Schools (WITS), is excited to offer Personal Fitness Trainer Certification. You can become certified as a personal fitness trainer and be part of one of the hottest jobs in the U.S. The Department of Labor states there is a 29% shortage of Health and Fitness Professionals.

The Personal Trainer Certificate Program prepares students by building their education and confidence in order to achieve success in a fitness career. Serious athletes often decide at some point to hire a personal trainer to help them excel. Personal trainers must know the way the body works and be able to apply proven methods that result in greater success in athletic endeavors.

Facts about the SWTJC/W.I.T.S. Certification Course

  • Challenging course
  • Taught in eight weeks for better retention and skill competency
  • National Exam is held on the ninth week
  • 16 hours of lecture, 16 hours of practical training, plus a 30-hour internship

Course Descriptions

FITT 1037 - Personal Training  -A study of the aspects of one-on-one training including marketing, program development, legal aspects, documentation, training methodologies, and business considerations. Emphasis on the development of safe and enjoyable individualized training sessions.

FITT 2013 - Exercise Science -A survey of scientific principles, methodologies, and research as applied to exercise and physical fitness. Emphasis on physiological responses and adaptations to exercise. Topics include basic elements of kinesiology, biomechanics, motor learning, and the physical fitness industry.


CPR/AED Certification is not required to take the course but must be completed before the SWTJC/WITS certificate can be awarded.

Upon completion you will become a WITS Certified Personal Trainer.

Course is offered during Fall and Spring Semesters.   Classes meet every Saturday for 9 weeks from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. at  SWTJC Uvalde Campus Gym.

A textbook is required to be purchased prior to the start of class. Textbook cost incl. tax/shipping/handling = $90.00. Students may order through WITS at (888) 330-9487 or online at