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Anne H. Tarski, VP Finance
Southwest Texas Junior College
2401 Garner Field Road
Uvalde, TX 78801

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Public Notices

Texas Government Code Section 659.026 (b) Information

Texas Government Code Section 659.026(b) Information:

1. Southwest Texas Junior College employed 352 fulltime personnel during 2019.

2. The College received state appropriation of:

FY19     $7,470,070
FY18     $7,470,217
FY17     $6,983,201

3. The College President or designee defines the qualification, duties, and responsibilities of all positions and ensures that job descriptions are current and accessible to employees and supervisors.

4. Executive staff at SWTJC are not eligible for salary supplements.

5. A market average for similar executive staff in the private and public sectors is unknown.

6. The average compensation paid to employees who are not executive staff is $45,038.79.

7. The percentage increase in compensation of executive staff for each fiscal year of five preceding fiscal years is as follows:

FY19     1.5%
FY18     2.0%
FY17     0.0%
FY16     2.5%
FY15     2.0%