COVID-19 Reporting

COVID-19 Reporting

Southwest Texas Junior College remains dedicated to the safety of all students, faculty, staff, and community members in order to maintain a healthy learning environment. Cases will be posted on this page weekly, as data is received and monitored by the COVID-19 Re Open Committee. Thank you for taking part in the health and safety of the communities served by SWTJC.

Cases and Exposures for SWTJC Locations

COVID-19 Cases for SWTJC Locations
Students Employees
Active Cases 2 15
Total Cases as of March 2020 23 50


COVID-19 Exposures for SWTJC Locations
Students Employees
Exposures 2 10
Possible Exposures 1 3

Updated January 19, 2021 (data updated weekly after 3 pm)